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SamKEY CodeReader v3.80.3 Released ★★★ WORLD's FIRST: A207F, A115F, A015F New Ver ★★★

FIRST TIME IN PLANET EARTH : Support for New Qualcomm (v2.0 Security)

What's New (v3.80.3)

  • Added support for E025F (Galaxy F02s)
  • Added support for M025F (Galaxy M02s)
  • Added support for M426B (Galaxy M42 5G)

  • Added support for A207M newest Security Patches : A207MUBS2BUC1, A207MUBS2BUE2, etc
  • Added support for A207F newest Security Patches : A207FXXU2BUB1, A207FXXU2BUD4, etc
  • Added support for A2070 newest Security Patches : A2070ZCU2BUD3, A2070ZHU2BUD3, etc
  • Added support for A115F newest Security Patches (Limited Carriers) A115FXXU2AUA3, A115FXXU2BUE1, etc
  • Added support for M115F newest Security Patches (Limited Carriers) M115FXXU2AUA3, M115FXXU2BUD9, etc
  • Added support for A025F newest Security Patches (Limited Carriers) A025FXXU2AUC1, A025FXXU2BUE1, etc
  • Added support for A015F newest Security Patches (Limited Carriers) A015FXXU4AUB4, A015FXXU4BUD8, etc
  • Added support for A015G newest Security Patches (Limited Carriers) A015GXXU4AUB2, A015GXXU4BUE2, etc
  • Added support for M015F newest Security Patches (Limited Carriers) M015FXXU3AUD2, M015FXXU3BUD6, etc
  • Added support for M015G newest Security Patches (Limited Carriers) M015GXXU3AUC2, M015GXXU3BUE2, etc

Important Notice : Downgraded Phones, MUST be Upgraded to Newest Firmware before Read Codes!

Notice : A207F, A115F, M115F, A025F, A015F, A015G, M015F, M015G Consume : 3 Credits

Notice : E025F, M025F, M426B Consume : 7 Credits