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SamKEY TMO Edition v3.66.9 Released > S367VL, S767VL + S515DL + S737TL BIT7

Just Another World's First + Exclusive Update from SamKEY Team
G960U/U1, G965U/U1, N960U/U1 T-Mobile, MetroPCS Android 10
Newest Security Patches Unlock WithOut Combination/EngModem

What's New (v3.66.9)

  • Fixed issue with A102U CRICKET that caused phone remain Locked after Unlock

History (v3.65.5 ~ v3.66.6)

  • Added support for Exynos newest Security Patches (End of April-2020)
  • Fixed minor bug in Write SEC for SCV35, SCV36, SCV37
  • Fixed issue : ADB module is not SamKEY's original...
  • Factory Rest. Button bug has been fixed
  • Added support for A102U CRICKET newest Security Patches (April-2020)
  • G960U, G965U, N960U TMB, TMK Unlocking has been improved (Optimized)
  • Added support for S515DL Galaxy A51 (Any KNOX)
  • Added support for S737TL BIT-7 (Any KNOX)
  • Added Automatic Diagnostic Port Activation for Android 10
  • Qualcomm Android 10 TMB/TMK Unlocking has been improved
  • Added support for S367VL BIT-6 (Any KNOX)
  • Added support for S767VL BIT-6 (Any KNOX)
  • Added support for S367VL Galaxy J3 Orbit (Any KNOX)
  • Added support for S767VL Galaxy J7 Crown (Any KNOX)
  • Added new Fast Method for G960U, G960U1 BIT7 T-Mobile, MetroPCS Android9 + Android10 (No Need Combination)
  • Added new Fast Method for G965U, G965U1 BIT7 T-Mobile, MetroPCS Android9 + Android10 (No Need Combination)
  • Added new Fast Method for N960U, N960U1 BIT3 T-Mobile, MetroPCS Android9 + Android10 (No Need Combination)

Notice : 
S367VL, S767VL may not work good with GSM-900, but there are solutions to make it work...