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SamKEY CodeReader v2.72.0 Released ★★★ NEW : A515U, G715U ★★★

What's New (v2.72.0)

  • Added support for S20 Exynos Series new type of REGIONAL LOCK

What's New (v2.71.9)

  • Added support for A750G BIT-6 newest Security Patches MAY-2020 (Any KNOX)
  • Added support for A750GN BIT-6 newest Security Patches MAY-2020 (Any KNOX)

History (v2.71.5 ~ v2.71.8)

  • Added support for J701M BIT-9 newest Security Patches (Any KNOX)
  • USB Modem Communication protocol has been improved
  • Added support for A920F, A9200 newest Security Patches (End of May-2020)
  • Added support for J810G, J810GF, J810F, J810Y, J810M newest Security Patches (End of May-2020)
  • Fixed minor bug : A315F, A315G hang on 42% Reading data... SOLVED
  • Support for SCV43, SCV46 has been REMOVED due to issues
  • Added support for A515U, A515U1 Galaxy A51 AT&T, Xfinity, USCellular, CHA (Any KNOX)
  • Added support for G715U, G715U1 Galaxy Xcover Pro AT&T, Xfinity, USCellular, CHA (Any KNOX)
  • Added support for A520F BIT-E via COMBINATION (Any KNOX)
  • Added support for J260F BIT-6 newest Security Patches (Any KNOX)
  • Added support for G925A Galaxy S6 Edge BIT-6, BIT-7 ALL VERSIONS (Any KNOX)
  • Added support for G925F Galaxy S6 Edge BIT-5, BIT-6 ALL VERSIONS (Any KNOX)
  • Improved DB Servers communication speed