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SamKEY CodeReader v3.01.5 Released ★★★ WORLD's FIRST : A600A, A600AZ BIT-8 ★★★

What's New (v3.01.5)

  • Added support for M105F BIT-3 Android 10
  • Added support for M105G BIT-5 Android 10
  • Added support for M105Y BIT-5 Android 10
  • Added support for M105M BIT-5 Android 10

What's New (v3.01.4)

  • Fixed bug > A920F, J810, G885 (CTF, CTG, CTH) : Calculating HWID...FAIL!

What's New (v3.01.3)

  • Fixed bug > SamKEY Hang after Switch to USB Modem Method OK!

What's New (v3.01.2)

  • Added support for G390F BIT-6 newest Security Patches
  • Added support for J400M BIT-9 Android 10 newest Security Patches
  • Fixed bug in Qualcomm Read Codes : Checking DIAG Security....FAIL(3)

What's New (v3.00.5)

  • Added support for G398FN BIT-5, BIT-6 newest Security Patches
  • Added support for SC02M Android 10 newest Security Patches
  • Added support for J730F BIT-7 newest Security Patches

What's New (v3.00.0)

  • Added support for A102U, A102U1 BIT-6 (AT&T, CTT, CHA, USC) newest Security Patches (BTG)
  • Added support for A515U, A515U1 BIT-2 (AT&T, CTT, CHA, USC) newest Security Patches (ATF)
  • Added support for A600A, A600AZ BIT-8 newest Security Patches (CTG)
  • Added support for J400M BIT-9 newest Security Patches (BTF)
  • Added support for J400F BIT-6 Android 10 newest Security Patches (BTG, CTG)